Video Rhinoscopy and Laryngoscopy


Why Video Endoscopy?

In bringing the technology of video endoscopy services to Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants as well as the Minimally Invasive Sinus Center, we are inviting patients to be an active participant in their ENT care. Studies have shown that patients who are more involved in their own treatment are more likely to be compliant, and thus more likely to improve their health situation. The video endoscopy system that our providers use for their rhinoscopies, laryngoscopies, and in-office sinus procedures is currently only available at the Main Office location.

See What the Doctor Sees!

As your ENT examines the inside a your nose or throat and explains the structures and how they are or are not functioning properly, you will be able to follow along to better understand your disease process. While a few or our patients would rather not watch their procedure, we have found that an overwhelming majority of patients find that following along during their exam is not only facinating, but very helpful in knowing why and how each treatment or medication is helpful in controlling their symptoms and diseases.

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