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This is what our patients are saying about their experiences at ENT Consultants...

Dr. Hansen was my doctor. I was extremely impressed with not only Dr. Hansen's demeanor and professionalism but also her staff. The office staff were competent and efficient. I felt respected because I didn't spend hours in the waiting room. I was in and able to see Dr. Hansen very close to my appointed time. Being in business and having a tight schedule, I really appreciated their punctuality. 

My operation went exactly as planned. I was educated before hand on what to expect after the procedure and what to do to help myself recover successfully. My after-care was great. It was easy to call in with questions and get answers! As far as the results of my operation, I was breathing better IMMEDIATELY. I know that it was very important for me to follow my recovery instructions and did exactly what I was told. This did speed and ensure a quick recovery. My surgery was two weeks ago yesterday, and I am feeling incredible. I experienced minimal pain and swelling, and I attribute this to Dr. Hansen's skill and modern techniques.

I could not be more pleased and have and will recommend Dr. Hansen and staff to everyone. I have never had experiences with other doctors even remotely close to what I experienced at ENT Consultants. 

--Robert P.





I started seeing Dr. Jessica Moran-Hansen in October of 2017 for significant sinus congestion and breathing difficulties. After evaluation, she recommended outpatient sinus surgery, along with repair to my deviated septum, and Latera implants for my nasal congestion. Dr. Moran-Hansen performed the surgery on December 15th. Throughout the entire preoperative workup, surgery, and post-op process, Dr. Moran-Hansen has been extremely reassuring, confident, and open to answer any questions. Her staff at the clinics has been fantastic (particularly Dana at Oakview), and I've always felt that my needs and concerns were adequately addressed. I have been EXTREMELY PLEASED with the outcome of the surgery and the Latera implants. I noticed very quickly (about three days after the swelling from surgery started to abate) that my breathing improved, and I was able to resume my exercise routines two weeks after the procedure. There has been continuous improvement in my breathing since the procedure, and the Latera implants are doing well. I would highly recommend Dr. Moran-Hansen, her staff, and ENT Consultants for any procedure they perform. This has been a very easy and positive experience - Thanks!

--David G.

This is what our patients are saying about balloon sinuplasty sinus procedures done in the office...

"I had my procedure done in the officy by Dr. Medaris with no problems or complications. His staff is very professional and caring. The only pain I had was a sore throat from drainage for about 12 hours after the procedure that was soothed by ice cream. I would do it again if I had to!" - Janice K.

"I had been suffering for nine months of fevers, stuffy nose, and daily headaches. I went to Dr. Schack, and he advised that I think about balloon sinuplasty. I made th eappointment and could not wait. The staff were professional, and he told me exactly what I would feel and what was happening while having the in-office procedure. It was the best thing that I ever did! From that day forward, I have had no fevers, no headaches, and no stuffy nose! There was a little discomfort the day of the procedure, but after that was a breeze. I highly recommend this procedure and more importantly Dr. Schack and his team of professionals! Awesome!" -Karen P.

"I have been very pleased with my balloon procedure. I choose this procedure because it was less invasive and could be done right in the office. The office experience went smoothly with very little discomfort from beginning to end. I did take it easy the day of the procedure but was able to resume normal activities the next day. Following the doctor's instructions on the nasal rinse and spray, I had no problems and did not have to use any pain medicine after the procedure. I would recommend the procedure to anyone who is interested!" - Connie W.

"My procedure was done in-office by Dr. Schack with minimal sedation during the holiday season. The balloon procedure did not interfere with any holiday festivities including Christmas Eve mass. The procedure was effective  in reducing sinus-related symptoms of drainage and congestion. My only regret is not having this balloon sinus procedure sooner! My advice to anyone considering this procedure is to follow your doctor's advice and follow all instructions for a smooth and swift recovery." -Stephen B.

"After my in-office procedure by Dr. Medaris, I felt immediate relief. I had the procedure on a Friday and went back to work the following day. It was totally worth it! My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner."  -Mary N.

"I had the in-office sinuplasty procedure done with Dr. Schack, and I would do it again if needed! I would compare the procedure to going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. The only down side to my procedure is that I had a bone spur removed at the same time, and although I did not feel a thing, I could hear the sound of the bone breaking." -Donald S.

"My in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure was a piece of cake! Dr. Medaris did a great job of explaining what he was doing. I liked being able to see the procedure on TV as he was doing it. My only complaint was the drainage of the numbing agent down my throat, as I did not like not being able to feel myself swallow. I was glad I had it done in the office. It was virtually painless!" -Nathan L.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Schack's for over 20 years and have had 3 sinus surgeries with hospital stays and was very satisfied with all of them. When he mentioned the balloon procedure, I was skeptical, especially when he said it could be done in the office. Besides a a little discomfort, I was very impressed and feel that my sinuses have never been better! Even after a couple of surgeries, I would still get some sinus infections, but so far after the balloon procedure, I've been infection free! The recovery was very minimal as well; I just took it easy the rest of the day and was back to work the next day! I highly recommend this procedure and would do it again!" -Bob C.

"I had my balloon sinus procedure done in the office by Dr. Medaris, which I did not mind at all because I did not want general anesthesia. My doctor and his nurses told me ahead of time what I he was going to do, and I was fine. I may not have made this choice years ago, but now it seemed like the perfect solution. I would do it again if necessary. My husband and daughter were able to watch. I would not want to be any more sedated than I was with oral medication, and even with what little medication I did take I did not feel any pain! In fact, I was offered pain medication and refused taking only Tylenol after my procedure. I rested for about a day and was back in the groove! I was told many years ago to have sinus surgery, but I had heard so many horror stories. This was NOTHING!"  -Irene S.

"I decided to have the balloon sinuplasty done in the office without anesthesia. There was minimal discomfort with the numbing of the surgical area; although, numbing of the throat area did cause a coughing reaction that soon dissipated. Dr. Schack was very kind, considerate, and talked to me during the whole procedure, which took around 1 hour 45 minutes. I experienced very little discomfort during the actual procedure. Recovery was much faster than if I had this done under anesthesia. I did not require any pain medication afterwards. The nose was a little sore, and the throat was back to normal by late evening. If necessary, I would do this over again!" -Myrna B.

"My in-office surgery was done by Dr. Simons and it was a snap! I didn't even know that I was "numbed." This procedure is so much better than what it used to be. I can breathe so much easier now. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if needed because it was so worth it!" -Lumir C.

"My procedure was done in-office by Dr. Schack and I was so glad that I did this! After the numbing medication wore off, I was able to function like normal, and other than being a little bit tired, I was able to drive, cook, etc. The staff was fantastic and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The staff explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. There were no 'surprises' during the procedure.  There was absolutely no pain just pressure with each expansion of the balloon. There was some soreness after, but I didn't have to take any pain medication only nasal spray to avoid the dry feeling." -Nicole F.

"I had my balloon sinus procedure done by Dr. Medaris in the office because I was pregnant at the time. It was very comfortable and a way better experience than any other surgery I've had. I would even do it again, if needed. I never used pain medications or sedatives because of my pregnancy, and I was only out of work for a day!" -Michelle W.

"When Dr. Simons told me that I needed sinus surgery, he suggested the balloon sinus procedure. He told me it would be done in his office and that I would not be put under general anesthesia. This sounded wonderful, as I have a hard time waking up after anesthesia and am groggy for a couple of days afterwards. For this procedure, I tood a Valium before going and was relaxed when I got to the office. As the procedure began, I was a little anxious, but the procedure was over before I knew it! Having this procedure in the office was really simple for me. My husband came along and was able to stay in the room with me the entire time. I rested for the rest of the day and was back to my normal activities the very next day! If I need sinus surgery again, I will definitely opt for the balloon sinus procedure in the office!" -Janell O.

"I had the in-office balloon sinus procedure with Dr. Medaris and had an excellent experience! The procedure was very easy and completely painless, so I did not need any pain medication. It was important to me to be able to drive home after the procedure, so I did not have any sedative medications. I have had previous sinus surgery in the operating room, and this procedure was no comparison in regards to the amount of pain afterwards and the length of the recovery. This was painless with a very short recovery, and I would highly recommend the in-office balloon sinus procedure! Much better than the operating room sinus procedure!" -Burneil E.

"I had the balloon sinus procedure in the office. Dr. Simons did an excellent job explaining the procedure. Any discomfort was exactly as explained. Dr. Simons informed me when I would feel pressure. Because everything was explained so well, I would have the office procedure again if needed over having surgery in the operating room (which I have had sinus surgery in the past). The recovery time was much faster. It was nice to not have to take a day off from work and to ask my husband to do the same so that he could drive me home - I was there for a short time and drove myself home! Dr. Simons and his staff were wonderful!" -Marlys G.

"I had the balloon sinus procedure done in the office by Dr. Medaris. The numbing process was not too bad, but I can see how something to ease the anxiety would be helpful. The procedure itself was no worse than having dental work done. I have had other sinus surgery done in the O.R., and the recovery was much longer and more uncomfortable. I actually had the procedure done in the morning drove home, rested all afternoon, and then worked my over-night shift that same night! I used some pain medication for the first and second day but that was all. I would definately do the in-office procedure again if needed!" -Holly M.

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