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Do you have trouble breathing? Are you always congested? Trouble getting air when you exercise? Have you been snoring? Do you regularly use Breathe Rite strips or other nasal openning devices?

If you have difficulty breathing at rest and/or while exercising or trouble sleeping, you may be suffering from nasal airway obstruction. Nasal breathing delivers approximately 70% of airflow to the lungs. More than 20 million Americans are estimated to suffer from nasal airway obstruction.


What Causes Nasal Airway Obstruction?

1. Deviated Septum: The cartilage wall between the nostrils can bend and block the nasal passage.

2. Turbinate Hypertrophy: Normal ridges of bone and soft tissue orginating from the side walls of the nose that are there to warm and filter air can grow to an enlarged state filling the nasal passages and limiting airflow. 

3. Lateral nasal cartilage or Nasal valve collapse: Weak or excessively flexible upper/lower cartilage in the outer nasal wall may cause collapse inward when a person inhales.

Is Nasal Valve or Lateral Wall Collapse Contributing to my Nasal Airway Obstruction?

You can tell if nasal lateral wall collapse is causing nasal airway obstruction or nasal congestion by performing a simple breathing test called the Cottle Maneuver (see illustration to the left). If you pull the side walls of the nose away from the middle structures of the nose and note that your breathing improves, this may be a source of your breathing issues and there is a new surgical procedure, LATERA, that can help!


What is LATERA and How Does it Work?

The LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant is used to support the upper and lower lateral cartilage in your nose. Supporting the cartilage in this manner may reduce nasal airway obstruction symptoms and help patients breathe better. The LATERA implant is made of a material that absorbs over a period of approximately 18 months, and is placed inside the nasal wall in a less invasive way than previous rhinoplasty surgery that involved a lot of cutting, breaking, grafting, etc. The LATERA implant also offers less risk of negative cosmetic effects.

LATERA showed significant quality of life improvements in studies. Patients studied noted the following improvements:


  • Reduced nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Less trouble breathing through the nose
  • Improved ability to get enough air through the nose during exercise or exertion
  • Reduced nasal blockage or obstruction

Risks include temporary symptoms such as mild bruising and inflammation, awareness of the implant, mild pain or irritation. Other risks can include discomfort, infection, foreign body reaction, and device retrieval.


If you or someone you know is suffering from nasal congestion or obstruction and would like to learn more about how LATERA may be an option for you, call today for your evaluation at 402-778-5250. Note that if you are interested in this procedure, Dr. Samuel Medaris and Dr. Jessica Moran-Hansen are currently the only providers at our clinic providing this service.



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Market research is ongoing. Data on file (TR-21076 Spirox NVC Experience). Individual patient results may vary and may include other procedures. Use of the LATERA device in conjunction with other procedures (such as septoplasty and/or turbinate reduction) has not been clinically evaluated. Patient satisfaction results may be attributed to LATERA with other procedures.

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